I attended Tomas for Biomagnetism and healing over a period of 18 months. During this time I moved from a place of emotional and physical difficulty to a place of greater centredness, confidence, self compassion and clearer life vision. The sessions helped me in many different ways and were in part responsible for me finding my way onto a new career path.

I value Tomas's kind and non-judgemental attitude greatly and by now all the family have had the benefit of a few sessions with him. A great guy, deeply committed to his clients. 

Sian Keary


I can thoroughly and warmly recommend Tomás as a healer, he is professional, has amazing medical and intuitive insights, is very thorough, combines several healing techniques to fit the clients needs, takes real time with a client and is the most warm, calm and balanced person I have come across in my life.

I have seen him cure amazing cases over the years, even hopeless cases and that is why I invited him over to Austria for several years to treat people here. His sessions are sought after. People love his soft and effective approach and nothing is impossible.

He is very skilled with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and his body energywork helped my sister after a car accident in 2 hours from total emotional shock to smiling, balanced and painfree.

I would at any time give myself into his hands trustingly and knowing that the outcome would be amazing. Anybody who comes across him will be a changed person afterwards.

Karen Leitner

Vienna, Austria

I came to Tomas suffering with a large tumor on my left forearm. After three sessions of Biomagnetism it had completely disappeared which my oncologists could not believe. I feel very relieved and grateful for this healing. Thank you Tomas!

Nani Caba

Granada, Spain

I first went to biomagnetism after I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. I can honestly say that it has changed my life and was the start of my proper healing journey after being treated abroad with antibiotics. Tomas is amazing at what he does and I cannot thank him enough for getting me to where I am today.

Karen Ward

Kildare, Ireland

I cannot recommend Tomas and Biomagentic Pair Therapy enough. I received treatments mainly for Lyme disease and it has really turned my health, both physically and emotionally, around. My energy levels are pretty much back to normal and I am able to enjoy life again. My young son has also received treatments and has benefited greatly. Tomas is great with him and he enjoys going for the treatments.

Having tried many other healing modalities this is the only one that was able to get us back on the road to wellness without any negative effects.

Laura Duncan

Kildare, Ireland

I had a few Biomagnetic treatments with Tomas and had great results, especially with one of my ears which had reduced hearing. After just one session with the magnets I noticed that my hearing in the ear had improved dramatically. I found the treatments relaxing and felt great afterwards. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend it." 

Clare Noonan

Kildare, Ireland

During the pregnancy with my daughter I was diagnosed medically with hypothyroidism.Tomas treated me with Biomagnetic Pair Therapy and I have to say that thanks to him,  my thyroid was balanced and healthy throughout the pregnancy. I felt in good hands with a well trained professional who has a gift for this therapy. I totally recommend him, an excellent professional!

Elisabeth Rus.

Granada, Spain

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