Mystic Soul Healing

Mystic Soul Healing is a healing art taught to Tomas over the course of many years of training with a  School of Self Realisation based in Spain under a Spiritual Master called Jose. It consists of creating a compassionate and supportive space in which the natural state of wellness of the receiver is slowly awakened and brought to bear on the areas that need to be rebalanced within the body, mind and spirit.

The healer holds the space for this awakening and clearing to occur by intuitively working with the energy field of the receiver helping to restore balance.

The healer is effectively a channel for spiritual light, the original nature, and is acting as an instrument of this spiritual force which guides and energises the mystic soul healing session according to what each client needs. Within this space, the receiver can experience:

  • Deep and profound peace
  • Emotional and mental clearing
  • Deep relaxation
  • Wellbeing, joy and love
  • Connection to the unlimited Higher Self
  • Healing at a physical and mental level
  • Inner guidance
  • Transformation of and release from old patterns of thinking / behavior

During the treatment, the receiver is generally lying down comfortably, while the therapist may place a light touch upon areas of the physical body, and also work on the energy fields that exist in through and around the body.