EMF and Microwave Detection and Remediation devicesEMF Detection & Remediation Advice

EMF's and Microwave radiation are a huge source of toxicity and interference for the human body and energy fields. In the last 10-15 years, especially since the roll-out of mobile phone technology and WiFi, microwave radiation in the atmosphere has increased a millionfold and research has proven that the carrier frequencies associated with these technologies are a cause of many symptoms and sensitivities for people. In fact independent research has shown that the induced effects in the body can cause conditions for pathogenic microbes to thrive causing illness and plummeting energy levels.

Thankfully we can measure these frequencies and their effects and can use sensible approaches to minimise the harm in our homes. We can also use Biomagnetic Pair Therapy to release the built up toxic effects and overproliferated microbes from our bodies.

At Pathways to Wellness I use electronic meters to measure electric and magnetic fields along with microwave radiation and make remediation suggestions to create a sanctuary in your home and particularly in your bedroom which is where we rest, regenerate and rejuvenate ourselves at night-time. In this way we can get the maximum benefit of the sleep cycle, reset our circadian rhythms and begin our day refreshed.

I have created an emf and microwave free zone where I treat people so that health can be restored and life met daily with a smile of wellness.