Biomagnetic Pair Therapy

Biomagnetic Pair Therapy was developed by Dr Isaac Goiz Duran, a medical surgeon and physical therapist from Mexico, who, working with previously discovered benefits of magnets close to the human body, used pairs of magnets to correct localised pH imbalances which give rise to the conditions for pathogenic microbes to cause illness. Once these localised imbalances are corrected, the information or instruction is given to the body to come into homeostasis and harmony, thereby moving from ill health to wellness and health. The pathogenic microbes are released and their harmful toxins begin to leave the areas of the body affected.

One of the first Biomagnetic Pairs (BMP's)that Dr Goiz's discovered was a pair to correct the imbalance that gave rise to the conditions that support the HIV virus in the body and he successfully used this correction to depolarise the information hence releasing many of his patients from the dreaded effects of this virus. He since discovered many many other BMP's in the meantime and has been honoured in his home country as a National Treasure of Mexico for his groundbreaking discoveries and work.

Tomas completed his training with Dr Isaac Goiz in 2014 in San Francisco. He also completed trainings in Microbioenergetics with Dr Miguel Ojeda Rios which looks at the Symbolic and Emotion code of microbes and builds on Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. It is very useful to unlock and release trauma, ancestral and other issues from the body.

Tomas has also trained with Dr Raymond Cadwell of the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy where he worked and learned many useful insights into the functioning and practical use of the modality.