Ancestral Healing

We are part of a continuum of energy and connection to our Ancestors. Not only to their Unlimited Spirits but also to the unresolved limiting beliefs, trauma and challenges that they experienced during their lifetimes.

Unfinished business from their (and of course our own) past can have a detrimental affect on our present life leaving us feeling stuck in ways that we cannot get to grips with or explain because it is deeply rooted in the subconcious mind and body.

As young children we absorb energy, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and vibration from our parents (who have also absorbed from their parents in turn) and through our love for these 'Gods' as we see them we take on their problems and issues so as to lighten their load. Of course this doesn't actually lighten their load, but the effect is that we as children have become conditioned by their limitations and problems and in a way emulate and re-create their environment in our adult lives. Hence Ancestral issues.

Through concious work we can release these limitations while honouring our parents and ancestors, liberating our life energy to create a new healthier way of being in our life.

Once again microbes carry the imprint of these limitations and by balancing the microbes and conciously releasing the patterns of behavior we can free ourselves from the limits of our past and embrace the Unlimited Spirits that we and our Ancestors actually are, creating a new experience of life and opportunities for a new future different from our past.

There is an old saying: if you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting what you have always gotten. So changing the pattern, the thinking and the actions will lead to new experiences and a new life.

Brain science and neuroscience are showing that as we begin to think and act differently we create new neural networks that wire and fire together, leading to changes in gene expression within the body. So mind begins to change the body, and we embody a new way, as we expand our mind to new spaces, connect to the Unlimited mind, we begin to embody our Spirit, the Divine in us, where absolutely anything is possible!