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Tomas Mac Sweeney BA BAI

Educated in Trinity College Dublin, Tomas graduated with honours degrees in Mathematics and Electronics engineering. While in college, he discovered what was to be his lifelong passion for inner transformational arts, movement with awareness and healing.

Tomas has been a practising member of a school of Self Realisation for more than 20 years, which has been a powerful catalyst for spiritual growth, and where he learned the practise of mystic healing.

He has also been practising and teaching Qi Gong and other martial arts for about 30 years with Masters in these areas and brings a wealth of knowledge in the area of mindfulness, meditation, personal growth, healing and inner transformation to his clinic and retreats. He is currently studying with Damo Mitchell and Lotus Nei Gong International and is a qualified level 1 teacher with his school.

In 2013 he was introduced to Biomagnetic Therapy by Raymond Cadwell and undertook a study of this therapy with Dr Isaac Goiz in San Francisco USA in 2014. He qualified as a practitioner and continued to deepen his knowledge of the subject with Dr Miguel Ojeda again in San Francisco where he qualified in Microbioenergetics, the Symbolic and emotion code of microbes. He has worked with Dr Raymond B Cadwell in the Institute of Biomagnetic Therapy where he furthered his practical knowledge and training in Applied Biomagnetic Therapy.

Tomas worked in the Telecommunications industry for more that a decade where he began to notice the effects of Electromagnetic Fields, Dirty electricity, WiFi and more upon his health and wellbeing and which propelled him into an in-depth study of these things upon human health. He includes EMF and  Microwave Radiation detection and remediation in his treatment programs.

Tomas has been working with people in Ireland, Spain, Austria and the USA.


"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience.'' - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity for personal growth and transformation and simultaneously there are also so many opportunities to become deeply lost in the world of consumerism and dead-end desires.

Connecting with a profound and life affirming philosophy for living is an essential part of the journey through life and is all too frequently a missing or confusing part of our existence.

Science is uncovering and proving so many of the ancient ways and spiritual traditions yet is far behind the old intuitive and direct revelation traditions.

In these times some of the old traditional practices such as mindfulness have become buzz words and have been plucked out from deep and meaningful traditions of Buddhism and Daoism and are used as stand alone methods. This is certainly useful and has a place however in these times there is a need for a philosophy to call home so to speak. A lived philosophy, one that is practiced, referred to, decisions that we make are run by it and desires are quelled by.

A philosophy that resonates integrity, feels deeply right and that we can commit to for a lifetime.

A way that points us towards who we truly are beyond the roles we play in life, beyond the mind made definitions. Living this way becomes much simpler and clearer. This begs the question-what is your philosophy for living?